Product Development Consulting

Product development is the life and blood of our organization. Our aim is to get your product into the market faster than the rest and at neck breaking prices, while maintaining the highest quality and bringing new innovation and newer features with each release.

In today’s era outsourcing is the next best thing. Product development and its advantages have grown beyond mere insane programming skills and shattering economic needs, it encapsulates expertise, efficiency and speed. We employ our expertise and methodologies and create groundbreaking products which give you an edge over others.

Our ability to assemble teams with strong technical skills along with in-depth domain knowledge from varied backgrounds ranging from software architecture design to development and testing sets us apart from rest of the IT firms in the market.

RNFs Product Development Services

Our Product Development team develops product across the whole spectrum of tools and delivers a range of services, including:
  • Product Architectural Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Quality Assurance Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Platform Reengineering
  • Application Management

How we function

We believe success hinges on continuous and consistent interaction between the clients and the decision makers.This collaboration streamlines communication, productionquality and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.
  • Development during the day
  • Testing during the night
  • Working in smaller units to promote efficiency and team spirit

The Three Cornerstones

Here at RNF we believe that the three most integral part of any development include


Opportunity cost in today’s dynamic services market is of maximum importance. Our ability to rapidly build and maintain teams of highly experienced professionals gives you a tremendous advantage. RNF shares your zeal for speed by bringing an unfaltering focus to your time-to-market requirements


With over 200 clients counting on us to deliver their product, we have managed to strike the perfect balance between matching enterprise grade development techniques and delivering the highest quality product which are not only well-architected but also designed for 2015. Having small dedicated teams enables us to apply proven functionalities and greatly speeds up the development cycles.


We follow the onsite-offshore model which gives you the advantage of working with local resources while capitalizing on the cost advantages of a dedicated offshore team of product development experts.


Our Lifecycle Services

We strongly believe that product development is NOT a one-time event. It goes beyond that. Your need to manage the product for a lifetime from– initial conception to its retirement– is of great importance to us. Factoring the need to create and maintain multiple versions, various platforms and upgrades, our services and advice will be with you every step along the way.


Once your product is in the market, you’ll need to gear up to gain traction and market adoption. This translates to feature enhancements and start a cycle of product releases. This means localizing your product for various global markets.


We help you take a revolutionary product concept and make it a reality and then some. We’ll guide you through various steps of identifying the various product requirements and key features, choosing the appropriate development technology, designing an appropriate architecture, and building the product and its prototypes.


Success is defined by the ability to add interesting features, optimizing and tuning the product to enhance performance, widening your platform support, and supporting key customer requests for custom versions.


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