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Albatross Divers located in Pensacola, Florida is a professional hull cleaning and diving services company specializing in underwater vessel management.


The Challenge

The client’s business revolved a lot around generating timely customer reports & seeking valuable feedback. All of this was done in-person, often requiring heavy documentation and bulky paperwork. The client was thus looking to eliminate manual labour to not only save time but also do away with the problem of duplicity of data. The primary requirement was to develop a web based software program, working in the website’s backend to automate and streamline daily operations. However the client had hundreds of fields of reporting data spread across multiple sheets. Thus, it was imperative for us to first get well versed with the data, interpreting and understanding it before building an automated web-based software system. A tedious and a highly technical task considering that we had to get into the nitty gritties of the client’s business. A unique problem never tackled before.


Our Insight

SInce the software system worked in conjunction with the website, we decided upon building an entirely new website. It was but necessary for the website to be built on Codeigniter for it allowed for custom coding and comprehensive integration with the software system.

Being a Codeigniter development company, RNF Technologies built an integrated web based software system for Albatross Divers.

The Solution:

The tricky part of this project was doing adequate research and development on the developer front in order to roll out a fully functional web based software system. We first allocated resources and built a timeline around software and website development. The resources then chalked out a detailed map of working around tons of physical documents to convert into a single sheet and finally build a software around it. The new website too besides adopting the features of the older one, now came out with the added functionality of customer login. The backend software integration allowed customers to login and view reports, pay invoices, monitor updates etc on the website itself. On the other hand the software allowed the system administrator to directly interact with Albatross’ employees. From in-depth inspection reports to progress sheets, the client was able to share this information much more efficiently with his customers to improve customer satisfaction. Thus the website cum software worked as a two way system. The backend web based software allowed for sharing reports and miscellaneous information about the task at hand with the customers. The frontend website allowed customers to view periodic reports for their underwater vessels. The detailed software program automated the company’s daily operations, doing way with countless hours of office work.


The Result

In a couple of months we have revolutionized the way Albatross Divers handles its day to day operations. The web solution has offered the client endless possibilities, minimizing human error and keeping lengthy paperwork to a bare minimum.

Team Involvement

Team Size
Key Highlights
  • Web based software system
  • Automated reporting & information sharing

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