Steps To Plan Your Staffing Process

Steps To Plan Your Staffing Process

08 Feb 2016

Steps to Plan Your Staffing Process

A hiring campaign is one of the most crucial stages for a company. It needs to be focused and well planned so that there is no room for a faux pas. There are multiple areas that need to be considered during the planning stage and that can happen only when the very plan is laid out in a well structured format. So, making the plan is as important as starting with the staffing process. Ideally, these are the steps that you should follow:

1.Map out the requirements and expectations: 
Before you start the staffing process, it is imperative to be absolutely clear about what exactly you are looking for. Use the following list to keep a better track of things. 

  • The number of people that need to be hired.
  • The different departments for which the hiring needs to happen.
  • What are the skills that you are looking for in case of every position and department?
  • Any individual traits that would give extra points to a candidate?
  • The responsibilities that a shortlisted candidate would be expected to handle effectively.
  • Maximum remuneration that you are willing to offer for every post. 
  • Required levels of experience and qualification for every designation. 

2.Send the invites: 
Once the set of requirements and expectations are clearly stated out before you, you can move on to the next step of inviting applications. This can be done through online job portals, advertisements or through reliable consultants who specialize in recruitment related to your business. The idea is to make it know that your company is looking for a fresh batch of professionals. 

3.Conduct the initial recruitment stages: 
As you start receiving the applications, you need to start short listing the names that you feel are worth calling for an interview. The desirable candidates can be decided on the basis of their resume and cited experience for the post which they have applied for. Your staffing plan also needs to have a fixed number that would determine how many candidates you can shortlist. This would streamline your efforts and the limited number of interviewees would make the whole hiring process much simpler. 

4.Start the selection process: 
The step that follows your short listing is that of interview rounds. You can include as many rounds and face-to-face discussions as you deem fit but keeping it short and to-the point is most important. You can decide upon the dates of different stages of the selection process. These can be sent across to the list of prospective interviewees. You can also ask them to send a confirmation about their presence at the interview. In addition to that, you should also ask them to carry the documents that may be needed at the time of the interview or soon after. 

5.Arrange for proper orientation and training: 
The completion of the selection process would mean that you would have found the people that your company was looking for. You must notify them about their date of joining and other significant details. Depending on the roles that are assigned to the final list of candidates, you should arrange a training and orientation programmer in order to:

  • Make them better acquainted with the company’s work culture.
  • Inform them about the rules, regulations and legal specifications that are considered in the company. 
  • Equip them with skills that would help in their professional performance. 
  • Prepare them for all kinds of situations that are expected at the work place. 
  • Make them fully understand what all is expected out of them and the consequences that a serious failure can lead to. 

Having a well laid-out plan for the staffing process will ensure a structured system that can be replicated even later. Things will be more organized and meaningful when you follow these steps. 

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