Sparking Innovation Through Staff Augmentation

Sparking Innovation Through Staff Augmentation

12 Jan 2015

Today, the shift of the workforce towards more temporary workers has fueled business innovation with technology being a top contributor. According to a recent report, the technology field contributes 23% of all temporary workers, second only to the combined category of manufacturing and warehousing. Within technology, this workforce is typically termed “staff augmentation.”
Staff Augmentation, has developed as a natural outcome of the ever-accelerating pace of business and the requirement that technology departments stay nimble to support that pace. Instead of adopting the complicated, expensive, and elongated process of hiring employees, who may not turn out to be productive and not required for the long term, organizations are looking out for people to fulfill their expert needs immediately.

The increasing use of temporary workers along with the need for IT to deliver innovation should not be viewed as two separate and distinct items, but rather merged together to build upon each other. When applied appropriately, temporary technology workers can serve as a catalyst for innovation in your firm.

These days organizations have have highly skilled personnel doing work on your behalf, working more in IT departments, with more business processes, in more industries, than entire groups of long-term employees you have on staff. That diversity of experience and background is largely untapped. It has become really important now to know what your team thinks about changes and what all changes do they expect? What opportunities, have they seen in the competitors that might fulfill an opportunity in your environment? Brainstorming results can be surprising. But you should just not stop there, that is just the beginning of the innovation value being overlooked. Untapped is the ability to try high-risk endeavors while limiting downside. The innovation process is not normally a single, eureka moment, but rather the painstaking task of trying many unconventional ideas until you find one that ignites. Innovation means doing risky things again and again even if you fail at several attempts.

With several developments, staffing still remains a challenge across the organizations. Staff Augmentation, nowadays, aims to simplify employers needs for hiring efficient and talented workforce.

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