Mobile App Usage Continues To Increase Every Single Day

Mobile App Usage Continues To Increase Every Single Day

16 Mar 2015

According to the data released by Flurry, mobile app users continue to spend more time accessing mobile data, and that mobile apps are the way of the future for most successful businesses. A new term has emerged from the study of mobile app data – “whale” is a mobile app power user, a person who launches a particular app 60 or more times a day. The average app user only launches a particular app 10 times a day. This has lead business focus on the following: – Does your business have an app that caters to “whales”? It won’t surprise anyone that the number of people relying on apps, and becoming “whales” is on the rise. Neither, will it be a shock that the number of businesses developing and introducing apps is increasing, too. This is simply the law of supply and demand. As per “Flurry” – as of March of this year, there were 176 million “whales” in the U.S., which is a 123% increase from last year. Regular app users (non-”whales”, who use apps 16 times or less per day), and “super users” (who used apps upwards of 16 but less than 60 times a day) were also on the rise, at 23% and 55%, respectively.

What does this data represent?

It represents, the usage of mobile apps will continue to explode, with more and more consumers relying heavily on apps for everything. Businesses will continue to follow the trend, offering apps to facilitate the sale of their goods and services. The more apps being offered, the more apps will be downloaded, and on and on it goes. The use of mobile apps is expected to continue on this upswing for a long time.

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