How To Choose Tech Stack For Your Company?

If your business majorly runs on an app, then, in a way, your business becomes a tech company. This means you will have to opt for a specific technology considering it remains beneficial for you and your company in the long run.

Yes, we are talking about choosing a tech stack for your project – mobile app, web app, or website. Choosing a tech stack for your business is vital for scaling. This makes choosing the right software development technology/tech stack –  all the more important.

Are you looking to scale your business? There’s a lot of thinking that needs to be done before leaping into the process. It is vital to think about the most suitable tech stack for your business because that would directly influence your:

  • App Performance
  • App Scalability
  • Time Required For The Development Cycle
  • Finding The Right Developers For Your Project

Today, the trends development technologies/frameworks keep changing which make choosing the right tech stack all the more important and challenging. Before we discuss more on choosing a tech stack, let’s begin by understanding what a technology stack is.

What Is A Tech Stack?

A tech stack essentially refers to all the major technologies that make up the company’s software upon which the entire organization relies on its bottom line.

As an example – If your product is based on a web app or a mobile application, chances are that your tech stack would include:

  • A Frontend Framework
  • A Backend Framework
  • Infrastructure Provider
  • A Database

A Technology Stack Example – Netflix


  • The Netflix OTT platform’s tech stack is made up of multiple programming languages including Java, Javascript, Swift, Python, and Kotlin.
  • The OTT platform’s tech stack comprises top libraries to enhance the user experience along with phenomenal frameworks to build the base for the development process. 
  • Netflix has a very user-friendly interface that is built using ReactJS. The OTT platform used NodeJS and WinJS for the development of its windows application.


  • For cloud hosting, Netflix uses Amazon EC2 Servers and it uses Amazon DynamoDB for DaaS (Database as a service).
  • The popular OTT platform uses AWS for a number of services that cater to various aspects of their business such as content delivery, subscriptions, and recommendations. 

How To Choose Tech Stack  – Benefits!

  • The performance of the product or software that you build will be rooted.
  • Developers will be able to code faster and better. Moreover, you can hire the same developers for forthcoming projects. 
  • The codebase becomes easy to maintain when you are choosing a tech stack that is right for your business. However, if you choose the wrong tech stack, it can lead to additional support costs and technical debts.
  • The stack will be well documented making it rather convenient for fixing common bugs and/or performance concerns. 

How To Choose Tech Stack – Drawbacks!

  • A new stack will require additional time to adopt and the build time from the ground up is equally long. 
  • Many tech stacks need to be frequently updated and that requires developers to make constant changes in order to keep the app operating with the most modern codebase. 

How To Choose Tech Stack For Your Business?

Choosing the right technology stack for your business can be tricky. To make the right choice, you must consider these important factors. Choosing the right technology stack for a business depends on:

  • What is your product? – Some tech stacks may be more suitable for web apps, some better for mobile apps, and some the best for software development. It is important to understand and analyze the best tech stack based on the product you are looking to build.
  • Market Trends – Technology is ever-evolving and it’s never permanent. It is vital to keep up with the trend and build your product using the most valuable framework of the time.
  • Availability of Resources – Building a product that makes money for you in the future is important. For that, your product must be built by skilled and experienced developers.

For example, if you are looking to build a product which uses ReactJS, make sure to partner with one of the top 10 ReactJS development company. Similarly, if the tech stack you are choosing is Laravel, make sure you partner with one of the top 10 Laravel development companies to build a product that gives you an ROI.

Here’s the list of necessities to consider when choosing a tech stack.

Defining A Platform

Defining the platform starts with addressing what the project expectations are. This is vital because without that understanding, choosing a tech stack for your business would be considered futile.

At this point in time, it is vital to understand who your target audience is, how would they interact with your app and when and where will your app be used. Based on your answers, try and examine whether you should build an app or a web app

Defining A Project Type

Once you are done defining your app and the platform you want to build on, it’s time you start analyzing more for choosing a tech stack that best for your business, based on your project size, business goals, and processing strength.

Small Projects

Small projects are quick to deliver majorly because the requirements are simple and such projects do not require complex technologies like CMS or WordPress.

Medium Size Projects

Medium size projects require higher levels of tech commitments. Mid-size projects might require more complex technologies or even a combination of programming languages and tools according to the project’s demand.

Mid-size projects may need to use technologies that are more sophisticated and facilitate more vivid and diverse functionalities.

Complex Projects

Complex projects such as building a social media platform or an online marketplace is a tricky process. For such projects, it is almost impossible to not work on a combination of programming languages.

Complex projects are more like mid-sized projects however, they involve more complex features and functions and integrations.

Scalability Requirements

Tech stack plays a crucial role when it comes to building an application. The top mobile app developers working on your app must be choosing a tech stack that would make room for new and amazing features, user growth, and an increased number of downloads.

Also, the scalability provision must also cover horizontal scaling that involves several app servers running simultaneously to streamline and manage the user flow and traffic. Vertical scaling is also something you must consider in order to include more programs in order to process new data.

Tech And Team Expertise

Make sure that you weigh the skills and expertise of your development team in order to choose the most appropriate tech stack.

To build a product that competes and wins against competitors, you must be sure about your team that they are well versed in the tech stack they use. Furthermore, make sure that the final stack you choose has a big developer community and the availability of reference documents such as it is on Github and Stackoverflow.


Make sure that your team is capable of maintaining the application after it is released which again, is directly related to choosing a tech stack that’s right for business.

Final Thoughts

The success of your project primarily depends on the tech stack you choose to build upon. Choosing a tech stack with so many options on the table is tricky. Having said that, RNF Technologies can help you with that. 

It is vital that before choosing a tech stack, you must analyze the project, its requirements, and most importantly, the availability of resources. 

RnF Technologies is a custom software development company with vast and diverse experience in building custom software and mobile apps for businesses across industries. Are you a business looking to take your sales up? We can certainly help you. Contact us today!

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