A Shift From eCommerce Stores to mCommerce Apps – The New Normal!

Slowly, as the US economy is getting back on track, the need of adapting to ‘new world solutions’ – (benefits of m commerce to business) has become vital.

Though responsive eCommerce websites are convenient for customers and the business, businesses are making the transition and moving to mCommerce apps. 

This is because there are multiple features that can be added on mobile applications to deliver a highly personalized shopping experience.


At present, during the pandemic, the leading retailers in the US quickly adapted to the situation and were faster in adopting mCommerce. The quick transitions worked wonders for them.

An online tracker launched by Emarsys and GoodData shows that between March 29 and April 12, Pure-play retailers witnessed that their orders in the United States and Canada increased from about 55% to 76%.

Also, Walmart’s online sales accounted for 3 percent of the company’s revenue in 2018, but now, during the pandemic, Walmart’s online sales have surged 74%. The number is impressive, don’t you think so?

Note – By 2021, mobile eCommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total eCommerce sales

Let’s quickly understand the difference between eCommerce and mCommerce and the benefits of m commerce to business!

eCommerce – eCommerce refers to the process of selling and buying goods, products, and services using the internet.

mCommerce – mCommerce, short for Mobile Commerce, is the process of selling and buying products and services using the internet/cellular data via smart devices.

Why is m Commerce the Future – Benefits of m Commerce to Business!

Stores have served the people’s general needs for decades now, but it’s vital to understand that changing times need changing solutions. The benefits of m commerce to business has paved the future for mCommerce.

retail mobile commerce sales

As the data shows, the increase in mCommerce is consistent over the years, and hence, it is safe to say that mCommerce will be the main channel of shopping in the Future. 

Note – 2 out of every 3 dollars spent on online purchases is through a mobile device.

Benefits of m Commerce to Business – Making the Transition!

#1 When you understand the need of the hour, you inherently understand the path that you must take. Similarly, opting for the right platform for your business is the foundation. 

We believe that your eCommerce business platform should be built on Shopify by premium Shopify developers because it is the best platform for businesses that deal with large volumes of sales and data.

Benefits of building your eCommerce store on Shopify –

  • Easy To Setup And Use
  • Easily integrated with apps
  • It’s Security and Reliability
  • Mobile Responsiveness

Shopify also lets you customize your platform according to your requirements; it is safe and offers excellent customer support.

shopify features

#2 For mCommerce apps, half of your job is accomplished if you are already using the Shopify platform. In a case like this, it’s wise to use your existing assets like your contact list, CMS, and social media channels to build your mCommerce app. 

However, if you need the app from scratch, no worries. But in that case, too, having a database is mandatory. 

One of the other benefits of m commerce to business is that it makes use of your eCommerce site’s database. However, it would be best if you made sure that this is done correctly. Hiring professional and qualified development partners could be the best way to go about it.

iOS or Android? The only way to make the call is by understanding who your clients are because users differ based on their mobile OS. Carry Out thorough research before you make a call, and if uncertainty remains, consider building a hybrid app for your business.

#3 The look and feel of a website, app, or an eCommerce platform is the first and most essential aspect of your business. It is the face of your business! You need to make sure that your platform facilitates the best user experience.

When we talk about the right look and feel for your platforms, we aren’t just referring to the colors, micro-interactions, and fonts. We are mainly talking about broader aspects like the tone and, more importantly, the design of your platform.

Taking advantage of the Changing Trend

Today, with the fear of Covid-19, many consumers are skeptical about entering stores because of which retail stores providing curbside pickups have an advantage. 

Best Buy Co. moved to curbside pickup only for online orders in late March 2020. Crafts retailers The Michaels Companies and Joann.com also introduced curbside pickup during the pandemic.

According to App Annie, Walmart Grocery app downloads went up by 460% in late March 2020 compared with January. And on April 5, it surpassed downloads of Amazon.com Inc.’s shopping app, which is consistently the most popular retail app.

Also, 45% of Top 1000 retail chains in the United States and Canada that offer mobile apps have shown to have an edge in providing a service like curbside pickup, which could be a significant factor if fear of the coronavirus continues to impact shopper behavior.

Are you on the right path? Is your business adapting to the new normal? Need to discuss? Contact us!

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, benefits of m commerce to business are many. The world was already moving digital, but the pandemic has acted as a catalyst to the process. Considering the benefits of m commerce to business, the pace of this transformation has grown exponentially.

There is no doubt that the new order will require a paradigm shift in strategy for brands and all online businesses.

Making the transition is vital to sustaining this new normal, and we can help you transit comfortably. Our skilled eCommerce developers are experienced and are ready to take challenges head-on. 

Not just that, once we develop the app for you, we can also help you market your app to recruit the broader user base that your app is worthy of. If you are ready to work on your next project, let’s grab a coffee and discuss it.

Whether you want to develop an eCommerce site or an mCommerce app, it is vital to understand that only the agile ones would survive, the Omni-channels will prosper, and the rigid ones will perish. Good Luck!

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