Beautiful Mobile Apps Happen When Design And Development Are Equal

Beautiful Mobile Apps Happen When Design and Development Are Equals

The world is always getting involved in some or the other technological trend. Last time we checked, we were on the verge of massive digitisation. But now, over a good number of years, that is only a broader spectrum because mobility is the new buzzword. Be it messaging, verbal conversation, entertainment, news, books, food or academics, travel schedules and medicine, anything and everything under the sun has gone mobile. We have the rapidly advancing technologies that have presented the much cherished tablets, smart phones and what not to the present world.
If we were to narrow down even further, then it is the mobile applications that would steal the show. Fun, productive and seemingly able to offer a solution to any kind of problem that one faces, mobile apps are something we can hardly manage without. However, not all apps have the potential to woo us away. In fact, some are so useless that we’d rather not even look at them leave alone install them on our devices. So, what exactly makes one app so great and the other an absolute no? A combination of smart design and intelligent use of the very app is what the developers should be looking at.
Users should be the first priority

It goes without saying that the reason why an app is abandoned is because it couldn’t keep the user engage for the required amount of time. And the reasons for that could be plenty. Either the interface was way too complicated for the target consumer or the app got really boring or it was taking up too much space on a mobile device or perhaps, it wasn’t as useful as it promised to be. 

To put it in a nutshell, if the designing and developing of the app somehow missed to think like the user, the beauty of the app would be lost. 

An updated knowledge of app creating tools is a must.

Creating beautiful mobile apps does not mean adhering to age old technologies that have now become the comfort zone for designers and developers. There are plenty of tools and software that are being released every day which can aid in the creation of the best apps possible. Until and unless one is aware of these, true development cannot really happen. 

Speaking of mobility, the features of a strong backup matter a lot.

We just spoke of the rapid increase of mobile use. It also implies that the users like to use similar apps across all their devices. So, what happens when one device is corrupted or lost? They shouldn’t have to lose all the data too. A good app must come with a cloud-based backup system for the convenience of those who use them. 

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