Hybrid Staff Augmentation Services

Ease of choosing experts

Pick from a talented pool of experts as per your project requirements.

Direct command on resources

Have a direct interaction with the chosen dedicated professionals. RNF technologies allow clients to have direct control over their offshore team.


Reports are provided to clients on weekly basis to keep quality and relevancy in check.

Up or Down Scalability

An Augmented Staff allows businesses to quickly up or down scale their workforce based on the needs of the project. This is especially useful for boom/bust markets where they may find themselves over-staffed one day and under-staffed the next.


Staff Augmentation can cut businesses cost and enhance profitability:

  • Diminishing overhead costs (such as benefits and taxes) associated with maintaining full-time, in- house staff.
  • Reducing the costs of paying year-round employees by contracting work for finite projects.
  • Decreasing training costs—hiring highly skilled professionals accelerates the quality and speed of training and development.
  • Gaining flexibility by allowing managers to quickly terminate contracts in the event of a budget shortfall.

Time Dedication

We offer full time/part time resources to meet your needs in best possible fashion.

24X5 Communications

Your offshore team always stays in touch over video chat or audio chat or e-mails to ensure project success.

Better ROI

Get Improved ROI at reduced cost as you pay on hourly basis.

Reporting at client’s comfort

Through your offshore team, we offer daily/weekly reports as per your convenience.

Code ownership

Code is yours form the point of conception.

Company-Developer contract to ensure smooth work progress

A legal agreement duly signed by our developers and other professional makes your project stagnan proof. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if a developer or a professional member of the offshore team has to discontinue, he/she would be required to notify the company in advance.

Team leader for technical assistance

A team leader would be assigned to you for overlooking the project and assisting you in any form of technical queries.

Developer replacement option in case of performance issues

A weak link can threaten the timely success of your entire project. Hence, we offer an option to replace any weak links in the offshore team. However, an advance notification would be expected.

Dedicated coders for your project

To provide maximum output and high quality, the intellectual talent we offer works exclusively on your project.

Augmenting your staff or employing a dedicated team isn’t solely about cutting costs. While we offer globally competitive rates, decades of experience has taught us that you don’t just want cheap labor. You want a technology partner who can provide an end-to-end solution for your project life-cycle including: technical consulting, graphical design, system architecture, software development, QA and maintenance & support. Our Hybrid model of onshore management and offshore talent ensures your projects are completed on-time and on-budget. Our successful track record speaks for itself.

Key Differentiators

Hybrid Onshore-Offshore model:

Streamlined process using onshore management and expertise and talented offshore resources.

Competitive Rates:

Take advantage of globally competitive rates.


We implement U.S. standard security protocols to ensure your IP is fully protected.


Low turnover rates mean there will be no slow downs in your project.

Global Talent:

75% of RNF’s Offshore Development engineers have MS degrees.


96% of projects are completed on time


100% are completed on budget.


95% of our clients come back to work with us again.

Programming Languages(Web) Programming Languages(Mobile) Database Expertise Operating Systems
Java (J2ME, J2SE, J2EE)
iPhone /iPadAndroid
Windows Mobile
JMS SQL ServerOracle
Solaris / HPUX / AIXWindows
Various versions of Linux

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