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Police Abuse is the leading private police misconduct investigative/consulting firm. Police Abuse empowers citizens to record and report cases of police misconduct. Their mission is dual fold - to ensure that citizen complaints of police misconduct are taken seriously, and to encourage police accountability to the citizen they are sworn to serve.


The Challenge

Police Abuse set out to create a national database to identify abusive officers or to collect information about police misconduct. However. the client’s erstwhile website was a long way away from achieving this objective. With little clarity over the masterplan, the client was determined towards successfully finishing the job at hand.

This is where the major challenge lay. We had to constantly monitor and consult the client over the entire course of the project to come up with business specific solutions. Our team had to dig deep into the project’s theme and the client’s thinking to ensure that the project never got derailed, taking this assignment as one of our own. In the end, we not only came out with flying colors but re-shaped the way Police Abuse uses mobile and web to augment its work. Something not envisioned at the start.


Our Insight

We looked at Police Abuse from a user’s point of view, ascertaining the functionalities that are essential for a police misconduct reporting tool. Our assessment unilaterally pointed towards having the perfect mobile cum web application package for Police Abuse. Mobile being the most handy tool for gathering real-time evidence, worked as the perfect foil for a website.

We undertook iOS app development & Android app development projects for the client creating an all purpose app

The All Purpose App :

The main purpose of the app is to be able to provide visual, textual or audio pieces as evidence of police misbehaviour. We decided to undertake mobile application development projects across both iOS & Android. The app is built to work as an online catalogue and portal of videographic evidence uploaded by people. All reports of police misconduct are directly forwarded by users to the Department of Justice (DoJ). We also considered that videos/audio might be shot by users in a potentially dangerous environment. It was hence necessary to incorporate an SOS feature into the system which sends out an emergency SMS to one’s closest contacts with real-time GPS location tracking. All uploaded videos are further stored at a central server, thereby ruling out any possibility of loss of crucial evidence through forceful deletion. The client was also adamant in including a comprehensive complaint form to allow users to lodge written complaints directly with DoJ through the app. The app was thus built as a self-sufficient and robust platform to record and report cases of police misconduct.


Working With The Website

An older website existed but lacked basic features and functionalities rendering it useless. The website was thus built from scratch, acting as the perfect companion to Police Abuse’s mobile application. Built on a highly secure CMS, the website works in conjunction with the app, allowing viewers the option to view videos and file complaints through the online portal. Users can also view, rate and comment upon police departments across USA.

Based out of Los Angeles, RNF Technologies also offered web development services to Police Abuse

The Result

From a stuttering and inefficient platform, we have successfully been able to turn around the client’s business. The application and website have received a thumbs up from all quarters increasing client satisfaction significantly and allowing for quicker service delivery. With more than 30,000 cases reported through the applications, RNF Technologies continues to provide mobility and web solutions for Police Abuse.

Team Involvement

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Key Highlights
  • SOS SMS functionality
  • Lodge complaints
    with DoJ

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